How to Make a Laser Pen Show With a Far Range

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    • 1). Place the newspaper on the table. Remove the battery cap from the battery compartment at the back end of the laser pen. Remove the batteries.

    • 2). Hold the back of the laser pen in your left hand (reverse this for "lefties") and grip the pliers in your right hand. Using the pliers, close the jaws around the front of the laser pen.

    • 3). Twist the pliers to separate the seam between the front shell and the back shell of the laser pen. Pull off the front shell of the laser pen with the pliers and set aside.

    • 4). Pull the laser assembly out of the back shell of the laser pen using the needle nosed pliers. Put the laser assembly down on the newspaper with the circuit board facing up.

    • 5). Turn the small screw on the circuit board a quarter turn clockwise with the Phillips jeweler's screwdriver.

    • 6). Heat up the soldering iron for 3 minutes. Apply the tip of the soldering iron to the small square above the screw for no more than 10 seconds to deactivate the limiter on the laser diode. Unplug the soldering iron.

    • 7). Reinsert the laser assembly into the back shell of the laser pen.

    • 8). Apply bonding glue around the rim of the front shell of the laser pen. Replace the front shell of the laser pen onto the back shell as it was before. Let the bonding glue set for at least a day.

    • 9). Put the batteries back into the battery compartment in the back end of the laser pen. Reattach the battery cap onto the battery compartment.

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      Aim the laser pen at a far wall and depress the "On" button to send a beam of laser light that is now more intense and can be seen at greater distances.

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