Shifting Calories to Lose Weight - The Calorie Shifting Diet

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Shifting calories to lose weight is one of the most effective dieting options available to the general public today.
Unlike other diet plans that require you to reduce or keep track of your consumption of calories, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, or sodium, the Calorie Shifting diet places no such quantitative restriction on your diet.
   On the contrary, shifting calories to lose weight can be easily achieved by eating as much food as you desire at every meal until you are completely satisfied.
The only restriction is that you must stop eating just before you reach the point of becoming too full, so it is important to pay attention to the feelings in your stomach (your "gut feelings" - pun intended) to know how much to eat.
   Essentially, this diet entails eating food from all four of the major food groups.
The only catch is that your diet is broken down into calorie types, and your diet regimen involves shifting these calorie types from meal to meal, from day to day.
By restructuring your diet in this manner, you are are simulating a nutritional deficit, which your body's metabolism, in turn, responds to by tapping into the body's fat reserves for energy.
   So just how much weight can you lose on the Calorie Shifting diet? If you follow your prescribed diet plan strictly to a tee, you can lose weight at the rate of just under one pound per day! More precisely, that is about 9 pounds for every 11 days of rapid weight loss.
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