Lead Generation - How to Become an Internet Marketing Master and Generate Leads For Free

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Lead Generation is a skill to be learned.
The days of buying lead lists and cold calling are a thing of the past and the Internet has opened up a new way to generate free leads.
There are many ways to use the web and Web 2.
0 to generate an endless flow of Free leads and I am going to go over several of those techniques with you.
Article Marketing is a popular way to generate leads.
Get in the habit of writing an article a day.
Pick a subject in which you feel people have an interest in and that you can answer questions with.
Writing articles is really about solving people's problems.
He who can solve the most of people's problems wins.
YouTube video marketing is a great way to market yourself and answer peoples questions or tell your story.
Video Marketing has become very popular and can generate massive leads for your business.
Squidoo is a web 2.
0 site that is favored highly by the search engines.
Create a Lens or two to tell your story or find a topic in which you feel people can benefit from.
Craigs List is a great place to market your business.
It's totally free, however I must warn you not to place too many ads under the same account.
Use separate email addresses for different accounts on Craigs List.
Google AdWords is the crème de la crème of marketing.
You must have a high end product to play with AdWords.
It is the most powerful advertising forum in the world and can pay for itself with the right business being used in your marketing efforts.
Lead Generation is the lifeblood of any successful business.
Using the forums listed above, you can generate endless free leads for your business.
See You at the Top, Josh Boxer
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