A Guide to the IRA Rollover Process

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Here's a really simple way to double or even triple the returns you get from your retirement savings.
All you have to do is rollover to a self-directed IRA.
Self-directed IRAs are the best way to increase flexibility, maximize your returns, and have more control over your retirement investments.
For starters, you need to learn about IRA rollover frequency.
If you are rolling over assets received from another IRA, you are allowed one rollover every 365 day period.
If you are doing a rollover into IRA from an employer's qualified plan, you are allowed more than one rollover per year.
So what is a rollover IRA exactly?A rollover IRA is an account that allows you to maintain the tax-deferred status of a retirement account while consolidating retirement savings from plans previously sponsored by your employer, such as the 401k or the 403b.
On top of being aware of IRA rollover frequency, it is important to be aware of all aspects of the rollover process.
For example, when doing a rollover into IRA, it's important to remember not to have your check made out to you because you can lose 20% in taxes.
When you do the rollover, have your old account trustee write the check out to your new trustee so you receive the money indirectly.
It's also important to find a company that will help you rollover to an IRA smoothly and efficiently.
Many people rely on banks or their employers to assist them in the process but it's important to realize while they might mean well, in the end their ultimate goals are to do whatever benefits them most.
IRA rollover frequency is limited so you must choose wisely before deciding on where and how to do a rollover so you don't end up stuck in a decision that you will regret.
When you do a rollover into IRA, your best bet is to find a company that will allow you to self-direct your account.
Self-directed IRAs are the best because you have a much wider array of investment options and more control over your account.
With employer sponsored plans and traditional IRAs, your financial institution or employer will appoint you with an investment adviser that will make all the decisions for you and inevitably the decisions they make are going to favor your financial institution or employer.
Since your IRA rollover frequency is a maximum of a few times a year, it's important to choose wisely.
Look for a company that will allow you to invest in real estate.
Real estate is an untapped market that can give you much higher returns.
Real estate is a stable investment that tends to increase in value over time unlike stocks, which fluctuate in price day to day.
In these times of economic uncertainty, your best move will be to self-direct your account and invest in real estate, a safe and stable investment.
Believe me.
If you follow this advice, you are going to see much bigger returns from your retirement investments.
Most people are fed up with their 2-3% returns and want to take it up a notch.
If you abide by IRA rollover frequency regulations and find a company to help you self-direct your IRA account to invest in real estate, you can maximize your returns, doubling or even tripling your earnings.
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