What Is Self Defense? Who Is Responsible for Self Defense?

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I researched four definitions from Google to see how Self Defense is defined by the Scholars and the Legal professions.
Basically it was called, a countermeasure, a right, defending when physically attacked and justification for the use of force.
I suggest they all omitted the responsibility and the right of an individual fo protect his family, himself and his property.
It could be by force or by the use of weapons.
I write this as an exponent of the use of Non-Lethal Weapons.
It could also include the use of noise, light and a system of recording of what is happening to your property while you are not there.
First a person has to accept the responsibility and then make some definite plans on how they wish to accomplish your families Self Defense.
I use the phrase "Be Aware and Alert Always" which is accepting that bad things could happen.
Not to make people hyper and to suspect and avoid everyone, but to be aware.
Talk about it with the family so they always will know what is going on around them.
Let us outline some suggestions on making and completing plans.
Decide on a system of Self Defense you decide is right for your family.
By physical means such as Karate or other Self Defense Classes.
By the use of lethal or non-lethal weapons of some sort.
A plan could include all of these systems.
When this decision is reached move on it and do not procrastinate.
Make contacts for Physical Self Defense Classes, and obtain legal lethal or non-lethal weapons.
Learn how to use them to help with the safety of the entire family.
When obtaining these Services you need to be sure your family understand of how and when to use them.
So often discussions and training of Self Defenses are not explained or expected of the entire family.
As an example they should understand how to answer the telephone, and the door.
There are things you should not disclose on the telephone.
The door should not be opened to all callers.
Lots of free information is available on the internet and from the local Law Enforcement agencies.
To me the word responsibility would mean that you plan ahead to provide for your families defense.
You are willing to take the time and cost to be ready for someone who might assault or steal from your family or yourself.
You will have a plan in place on how you would try to do this.
You providing a type of Insurance for them.
It is not a big cost and well worth it.
Without getting too specific at this time, on the General Subject of Self Defense, I also would suggest that you have and teach a plan of response to a dangerous situation to your family.
You would be surprised how just having discussed it will help, their or your reaction, at such a time.
I hope to suggest some specific actions and Non-Lethal weapons in future articles.
Be Aware and Alert Always.
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