Drill Press Instructions

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    • 1). Place the chuck key in the large hole of the drill chuck, which holds the drill bit in place on a drill press.

    • 2). Turn the chuck key counterclockwise to loosen the chuck. Pull out the drill bit straight downwards. Remove the drill bit and replace it with the correct size for the holes you wish to drill.

    • 3). Turn the chuck key clockwise to tighten the chuck around the drill bit.

    • 4). Measure the piece of wood and mark it with a carpenter’s pencil where you want to drill the hole.

    • 5). Place the wood on the drill press table with the mark in the center. There is an indented X on the center of the table that keeps the drill bit from drilling into the table. The center of the X is where the drill press will come down.

    • 6). Adjust the table height by turning the knob on the right of the column. Turn the knob toward the operator to lower the table and away from the operator to raise the table.

    • 7). Turn the "On/Off" toggle switch on the drill head to the "On" position.

    • 8). Turn the quill on the right hand side towards the operator. The quill is a large spinning handle with three knobs. This will lower the drill bit into the wood to make the hole.

    • 9). Turn the quill away from the operator to lift the drill bit after the hole is complete.

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