How Do Incorrect Prescription Incidents Occur?

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Pharmaceutical products are designed with a specific intention in mind.
Each different type of medication has a specific function or target that it is designed to affect, but this affect can cause more damage than good if it is not needed.
Medicines can cause serious damage if they are taken needlessly, either because they are taken in the wrong amount or as the incorrect type of drug.
Pharmaceutical error does occur and can have very serious consequences for those who are the victims of these error.
Pharmaceutical errors can occur in a number of different ways, considering the high volume of prescriptions that most pharmacies fill on a daily basis.
The most basic, but most potentially devastating error, is the filling of the wrong pharmaceutical product.
Most medicines are designed to significantly shift the unhealthy functioning of your body or to assist your bodies natural defense mechanisms.
But an incorrectly filled prescription could not only impair your body's healthy and normal functions, it could also attack your body in a harmful, damaging way.
Another waythat incorrect prescription incidents have occurred in the past is by filling the wrong dosage of a prescribed medicine.
This too can lead to adverse physical effects.
If the prescription is too strong, a normally controlled substance can cause extreme reactions in your body that were not intended by the doctor who wrote the prescription.
Finally,if the wrong instructions are attached to the prescription or if a pharmacist does not properly instruct customers on drug interactions, they can suffer from serious harm.
If a person is not properly informed on how to proceed with their prescription, they can unintentional put themselves in a dangerous situation.
As a customer, you can be aware of these potential threats to the accuracy of your prescription.
Ask your pharmacist to verify that the prescription filled matches the prescription submitted by your doctor.
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