Home Theater Seating Options

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    Room Dimensions

    • Diagram your room and measure the dimensions before shopping for home theater seating. A setup in the store may seem ideal, but may be either too big or too small for the room you are putting your home theater in.

    Spend Time Auditioning Seating

    • Audition a variety of options. Given the length of some movies (and the possibility of a double feature), spend time sitting in the furniture you are considering to see how comfortable it is. In addition to yourself, other members of the family should audition the furniture---their preferences for comfort may be different from yours.

    Dual Level Seating

    • If you can create a true dedicated movie room with a front projector, adding multi-level stadium type seating is an excellent way to enhance the experience. Some stores sell prebuilt risers for stadium seating, eliminating the expense of hiring a contractor to build them (see "Resources").

    Traditional Furniture

    • Traditional furniture is the cheapest option to consider when putting together seating in your home theater. It also has the advantage of possibly working better in your overall home decor scheme. However, for true theater buffs, traditional furniture doesn't put you at the right viewing angle in relation to your display system and often doesn't set itself apart enough from the rest of the home to make the home theater feel like a true dedicated movie area.

    Theater Seats and Loungers

    • Theater seats and loungers are the best choice for a true movie experience. They often have conveniences such as cup holders built into them; some also offer added features like coolers, eating trays and even built-in massagers. Theater seats and loungers are available in many different combinations, from single seats to multi-seats in a row.

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