SEO Best Practices for Ghost Writers Part 2

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When I wrote the first article entitled SEO Best Practices for Ghost Writers, I did not know that there would be a huge demand and interest in this.
SEO would be of interest of course.
But putting SEO with ghostwriting brought this to my attention as a need.
SEO is complicated.
When you think there is a solution on how to do this, Google changes again.
There are hundreds of other search engines to use.
Never just count on Google as Bing and Yahoo are very important tools to use also.
The most important item that has changed is using patterns as a writer or ghostwriter.
We may not even know that we are doing this.
But, if you are writing the keyword in every single paragraph, it is seen as a pattern.
Then, it could be considered spamming.
Another idea is using the keyword in the same exact place in every single paragraph.
That is also a pattern.
For example, if the primary keyword was used in every first sentence of a paragraph.
SEO is random and natural.
Not mechanical.
So, as a ghostwriter, write naturally.
Then, when proofing your article, check your keywords for your assignment and do not keyword stuff them.
This means you and I obviously can see them sticking out like a sore thumb.
The new rule is one to one and half percent total for keyword density.
Sometimes clients will now use this only as the primary keyword for percentage.
The second and even a third keyword only one time are used, not used twice in each paragraph.
This makes the secondary keywords random and looking natural inside the article.
Not every single paragraph will have the primary keyword in it to meet the density.
They might even be used twice on purpose with using only one secondary keyword.
Then, the next paragraph is skipped and a secondary and a third keyword will be used.
The most important item on SEO is the title and first and last paragraph.
Sometimes as a ghostwriter you are required to place in the first sentence or place in the first sentence and the last sentence.
The best practices for SEO and ghostwriting are critical to a business.
How the words are written, how the keywords are placed, can be a true work of art and magic.
If done correctly, the search engines will love your content and rank your website and each page of your website.
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