When you Should be Careful and Choosy About your Friends

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A friendship shouldn't be about who could give what to each other or having things your way all the time. However, being yourself is very important in friendships by not having to pretend to be someone you're not just to please the othr person.
Remember: You're not living for others. Not having to use another for anything whatsoever and not asking for too many favors is always bad news and most people get in trouble when doing favors unless it turns out to be a good and decent favor. But, did you know that too many fvors can damage a friendship because you can't base your friendship on money and favors only. You ever notice when someone asks for a favor, it's always about money and never anything good. In friendships, you shouldn't steal from one another and pouting when things aren't going your way.

Know this: You can't have your way all the time. Respect one another and each others things. When something is lent to you, you should return it in the same condition that it was given to you. You see some people get in the habit of borrowing things and leaving you with the damages. that is just plain sloppiness and carelessness andnot respecting the person's things. Friendship shouldn't be about competition towards one another. There shall be no stealing of the boyfriends because they have some women who have slept with their best friends man which is bad and any woman who have done it to their friends in te past are considered scum and can't be trusted and not only that, any man that's around that's in a relationship with a woman who as a friend, well 9 out 10 times, these men have been seduced by their girlfriends best friend, some men fall for it, and some don't while trying to be faithful and nt messing up their relationship because their is no will power.

Ladies: You should not be sleeping with your friends man. Not only will it ruin the friendship, but you're really asking for a fight! But even though somewhee down the line, you two might unite together again after the fact of that particular incident, things will never be the same again, be careful who you call your best friend because some people will do it to you everytime even without you knowing. You ever have a friend and that friend tries to be too friendly by playing your man too close. Doesn't that bug you to the fullest! Well, that only means that your girlfriend can't be trusted and you have to watch her closely because this can be dangerous, because some women just wan't to take your place by trying to fill your shoes.

Some say: In friendship, there should be a compromising and understanding between the two of you and some feel that if you haven't had a good argument then the friendship is not really there.
You should always keep your word on whatever you do or say, and having patience and not pouting when someone doesn't return your call immediately. I also believe that you shouldn't talk behind each others backs or backstabbing one another. You should have the same views in life and being compatible with one another, not bullying each other into doing what the other says, or by giving orders by tring to be a tyrant or a slave driver. You should value your friendship no matter what! There should be no set-ups or bad surprise endings in a friendship that can never be repaired. Some people value friendship to a point where the friend does something so drastic to a point where it damages the relationship and depending on how bad things ended, Now the person who values the friendship may end up falling into a state of dpression whereas, things fall apart.

People: You must learn to hold on to your friendship like it's a million dollars because always remember: A good friend is hard to find and once you find that great friend yo should cherish it to the fullest. Always remember, when in friendships, and if there's a man involved, never let a man come between the two of you because me come and go, but friends are for life, and you can pick and choose your friends, but always choose them wisely. You should never let the word friendship just be a word, if you do, you should really look up the defnition of a friend! Some peoplle who is a bad influence on their own friends, usually have such a bad effect on their friends and most of the time they get their friends in trouble whether it's legal or not.

Note: You wouldn't want to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and friends that go through a lot and overcome different situations can make it as a friend and not everyone is your friend.
It's like this: If we can love each other with or without money and a person who says they're your friends but end up being two faced, and it's not about how many designer outfits, money one owns and it's not about bragging about yourself constantly. It's about going all the way to the fullest.

From another woman's perspective: Friends can do you dirty, spread nasty rumors and still pretending to be your friend, but in all actuality, they really aren't your friends because they are talking about your family and friends in the worst way. Friends should be able to keep confidences, never spreading your business. You need to be trustworthy! Make sure you support one another. Although, there should be endurance, tolerance, and patience, basically the same things that you would expect in an intimate relationship but not so much. A friend is someone whether you see them every year or not and you realize that you need that person vice or versa. Friends should be there for you no matter what, there should be no phoniness or fakeness. You ever notice that some friends are like a fake Fendi or Gucci bag and say they're your best friend and they're really not. A true friend is someone who finds your inner you without being judgemental cause in all actuality the only person that can jusge you is God. They say that some people aren't meant to walk through certain gates with you and yes people do come into your life for a reason maybe for a little bit of the time and some come into your lives to show you things and open you up to new things that can make you change your life for the better and some come to wreck your world, and some stay, and some go.

VIP: Don't play anything that doesn't belong to you too close, no matter what because some people tend to get defensive when they feel that you want what they have and own. Know this: One's possessions can bring a lot of jealousy towards a friendship all because money and frienship doesn't mix. It never has, and never will. Money is power and is the root of all evil and money can make you do crazy things. You ever hear about friends killing their friends over money and killing each other because one is more fortunate than the oher! It happens all the time, and jealousy is the #1 Killer of all time besides guns and drugs. You should praise one another on accomplishments and one shouldn't be jealous over one's achievements because you never know because that one true friend can end up helping you and bringing you far in your career and bring you far from where you started. So you should praise that!

People: Take care of your friends!

Friendship: When you should think of friendship of great value.
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