Top 5 Things That Can Drive You Crazy

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- Money (or the lack there of) When the finances are tight, the stress level rises like a thermometer left outside on a Summers day.
Money has a way of magnifying your situation because most problems can be solved with a few more dollars.
You're tired.
You're tired because you work 12 hours.
You worked 12 hours because you needed extra money in your next paycheck to pay on your credit card for the vacation that you went on two months ago.
Because you were tired.
- Marriage/Relationship Your significant other can also be a catalyst for the "drive.
" Why is it so difficult to see eye-to-eye? Why can't we move in the same direction with the same end result in mind? I thought we were a team.
Most days it feels like you gave me the defensive play book after telling me,"Study this.
Ima need you to start at quarterback on Monday.
" Really.
Oh, sorry some of you ladies my not get that reference.
Oh, um, oh, okay here I got a better one its like you gave us a specific item that you need from the store, cheese and we brought back Velveeta.
You cant make dinner with fake cheese.
- Job Why does the job have to feel like indentured servitude.
Why does it have to feel like you work with a bunch of "D" and "E" students.
Why does your boss have to be the biggest jerk since the lady at the grocery store screamed over the intercom for a price check on hemmoriod creame as you tried to check-out.
Why does that one co-worker insist on talking to you at 6:13 in the freaking morning with coffarette breath.
I mean, dude Im less then an hour removed from a dream I was having about my tie's and white sandy beaches.
- Kids Kids.
What can I say.
You gotta love'm right? Wrong.
Will technically, right, but you don't always have to like them.
Even when they are yours.
Especially when they are yours.
Kids represent the combined DNA of two other people.
Take the worst about two people and put it together.
What do you got.
I'm just saying.
They freakout at "no.
" They are always, always, ALWAYS asking for something.
How many times a day do you have to eat? - You are the Only You Wouldn't it be easy if you walked in a restaurant and the hostess knew exactly where you liked to sit.
The waiter knew exactly what it was that you wanted to order.
Better yet, would it be nice if you came home from work and got exactly what you wanted? Getting all this with just a few words because people thought just like you.
I could maneuver through life knowing that every conversation I had, every encounter from purchasing a cheeseburger to what movie we are going to see is already in the mind of your acquaintance, cashier or significant other.
But wait, if there were people who thought just the way I did, bathroom visits would have to be shorter cause you would know I was napping or that sometimes when I said,"ill take care of it," I really meant,"sure, whatever, just let me watch the damn game.
" These things, amongst others, could be the very reason people break down.
Ive taken a some what humorous approach but in a serious context these things are very stressful and can cause people to function in a walking zombie state.
Just trying to get through.
Just trying to make.
So when you see one of these "walking zombies," give them a warm smile and a kind word if you have one chambered.
You never know, your simple gesture could change the end of someones day.
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