Are You Plain Internet Marketing Dumb?

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A stupid person is someone lacking in common sense or intelligence. Many smart people are Internet marketing stupid. I kinow I was when I first started. So how do you overcome that so you can make money?

1. Ask questions and learn from them. It has been said the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked. I believe that to be true for all of us as Internet marketers.

This does not mean you have to ask someone else every question either. That can get annoying to the person you are emailing.

Sometimes asking yourself is a great learning tool. Ask a question and then go online and find the answer.

This is a great way to learn. Plus your retention rate will go up.

2. If you can not find the answer go to the Warrior Forum and ask for help. Chances are very good you will find your answers to Internet marketing questions in this excellent forum!

It is laid out with very easy to find categories. You can then ask speciific questions relating to the topic you need help with.

You can also contact members directly. Just private message them. The Warrior Forum is a very helpful place to go to make money online.

3. You Tube. Type in a keyword phrase and take a look at the video results that come up. Some of us learn better by watching than reading. There are millions of videos to choose from on almost everything you can think of.

None of us are born Internet marketers. However, anyone with average intelligence and common sense can become good at doing it.

4. Social networking. Join Facebook and Twitter. Take a look at LinkedIn. Making friends online is a good source of help when you need it.

Facebook continues to grow at an alarming rate. If you do not have an account yet you should get one.

5. Blogs. Subscribe to the RSS Feed of the top bloggers. You can get the updates via email which makes it very easy to read.

The top Internet marketing blogs do a great job of staying on top with what is going on in the world of online marketing. Do not over do this. Find a handful of people to follow and that is usually enough.

These are a few tips on where to get answers to questions you may have on Internet marketing. The more educated you become the fewer number of questions you will have. However, when you have a question that needs an answer there is always plenty of help online
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