Health Insurance for MS Patients - Medication Coverage and Treatment Issues

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For people who suffer from MS, there aren't many options for treatment.
While a lot of the people have gotten to a point where they qualify for SSI and disability, there are thousands of others who are still able to work and live a normal life.
This requires them to obtain private health insurance so that they can get the treatment that they need.
Even with private insurance, not all medications are covered and some situations are excluded from coverage, creating plenty of loopholes and extra expenses that people have to pay out of their own pockets.
The most common medications for MS treatment include beta interferons, glatiramer acetate, and mitoxantrone.
Insurance might cover these multiple sclerosis treatment options, but they are certainly not going to be cheap.
Even when someone gets a great coverage plan with only 20% copayments on prescriptions, that can still add up to thousands of dollars every month because of the costs of the medications in the first place.
About 30% of MS patients have employer health insurance plans that help offset their medical costs.
The rest have high-risk insurance from private insurers, are in pools for high-risk insurance individuals, or have disability.
Because of the high costs of MS medications and treatment, there are a significant number of people who cannot afford their treatment.
For these people, their only option is to do nothing and go without treatment that could improve their quality of life or the length of the life that they have to live.
People not being able to get protection from this disease is quite sad, and once people have arrived at a point where they qualify for disability insurance and SSI, it is probably too late to reverse the damage that has been done.
Fortunately, many drug companies that have stepped up to the plate to create prescription programs that help people get the medical care that they need for their MS treatment.
Not everyone is eligible for these programs, but it is one more way that people can get the health insurance assistance that they need.
When health insurance isn't doing the job or simply isn't enough, MS patients need to check out the MS Society, national foundations for medical assistance, and other options that they might have to get their medications and treatment paid for.
People shouldn't be penalized for being sick, but that's often what private insurance companies end up doing.
If you need assistance in locating particular coverages at a pre-determined price, we can help you save on your MS health insurance.
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