How to Choose A Maid of Honor

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    • 1). Choose someone reliable. The maid of honor should be someone who will be on time, remember to bring your handkerchief when you forget and won’t go off with the first groomsman that catches her eye.

    • 2). Choose someone you are very comfortable with. Remember, this person is going to have to hold up your dress while you use the bathroom.

    • 3). Look for someone who is calm in a crisis. A good maid of honor should be able to talk you out of that pre-wedding anxiety attack and give you a subtle nudge when you freeze up during your vows. If she can quickly sew a torn hem, that’s also a plus.

    • 4). Make sure to look for someone who is going to be happy for you, not jealous of you. Avoid the women who will inevitably want to steal your thunder on your big day. You need someone that won’t mind the spotlight being on you for the day. Avoid someone who is going to be angry about playing second fiddle and “accidentally” spill red wine on your dress.

    • 5). Don’t feel obligated to choose someone just because you were her maid of honor. They had the opportunity to make their choice and now it’s your turn.

    • 6). Choose someone who means a lot to you. This is the person who is going to be giving you and your new hubby a toast and you want it to be meaningful. Your co-worker from five years back probably can’t deliver the same kind of touching tear jerker as one of your closest friends.

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