Pizza Activities for Kindergarten

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    Pizza Puzzles

    • Create six different types of pizzas out of construction paper. Suggested pizzas include: cheese, pepperoni, green bell pepper, black olive, mushroom and pineapple. Laminate the paper pizzas then cut into fourths, sixths or eights depending on students' ability level. Place the pizza slices in a clear plastic bag. During group center time, kindergartners can sort the pizza slices and put the pizza puzzles back together.

    Pizza Toppings

    • Use pizzas as a way to introduce kindergartners to the basic food groups. Have students brainstorm toppings that might be found on pizzas and write those toppings on sentence strips or index cards. Include toppings kids enjoy and ones they don't enjoy as well. Then include other items that make a pizza such as the dough and sauce. Once you have a good list of pizza ingredients, divide a piece of chart paper into columns for grains, vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy and fats. Sort the pizza toppings and ingredients into the correct food group.

    Pizza Art

    • Have kindergartners paint the perfect pizzas on large sheets of paper. Provide tempera paint and paintbrushes or let your students get messy with finger paints to paint sauce on their pizza crusts. While the paint is still wet, students can use yellow string or glitter to add the cheese. Top with construction paper toppings and let the pizza art dry. Have students write, "My perfect pizza has..." on sentence strips. Hang pizzas and sentences on a class bulletin board for all to enjoy.

    Pizza Shapes

    • Create file folder pizza math games for students to work on during independent or group center time. Laminate blank pizza crusts on file folders and write pizza orders below each pizza. A sample pizza order may ask, "Make a pizza with one square, two triangles and three circles." Provide laminated cutouts of red circles, green triangles, yellow rectangles, white squares and black ovals for students to complete their pizza orders.

    Pizza Fractions

    • Give students pieces white of construction paper cut into 8-inch circles. Using crayons, markers and scraps of construction paper, have kindergartners design their own pizza with sauce (red crayon), cheese (scraps of yellow paper) and any toppings they like. Once pizzas are finished, have your pizza chefs cut their pizzas in half and then half again. Now students have four slices of pizza. Use the pizza slices to talk about fractions such as 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4. Allow students to mix and match pizza slices with classmates, so they have half pepperoni and half cheese pizzas. What combinations can they make? Pass out pizza worksheets for students to fill out. Worksheets might ask students to shade in half of one pizza or one fourth of another pizza.

    Make Mini Pizzas

    • If you have access to an oven in your school, make mini pizzas with your kindergartners. Make the dough from scratch or use a pizza dough mix. Give students a small handful of dough to make a mini-sized pizza. Let students use their hands to roll out and flatten the dough. You can substitute English muffins for a pizza crust to speed things up or keep the classroom clean if you don't have room to roll out dough. Scoop a spoonful of canned pizza sauce onto the dough and let students spread it around with a plastic spoon. Allow students to pile on the cheese and other toppings of choice such as pepperoni, olives, pineapple or Canadian bacon. Bake the mini pizzas and enjoy your pizza party.

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