Fast and Easy Blog Writing Tips (Part Three)

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Today I want us to revisit the main idea we discussed in Part One of this series, which was the power of questions in producing fast and easy content for your blog or article marketing campaigns.
Questions are without a doubt the most useful tool I have in my article writing toolbox.
There are three reasons for this:
  1. Questions force the mind to think of an answer.
    The moment I write out a question, my mind can't help but start to ponder about what the answer might be.
    It starts digging in all my memories and all the facts I have on file in my brain, in order to start to formulate some sort of response.
    Our brains are simply hard-wired to work that way.
    So as a writer, as soon as I put down a question, I feel that the next paragraph is already being written.
    At times it almost feels that as soon as I write the question, I am able to come up with the answer.
  2. I can write questions much faster than I can write text.
    Try it.
    I bet you will find that you can fill up a whole page of questions on any topic you have even a smattering of knowledge about, with a lot less trouble or time than you could write a page of text.
    One question always seems to lead to another, and another and another.
  3. I can use the same questions over again for many articles.
    If my blog is on a specific theme, the same questions can be recycled for more articles.
    For example the question, "How can I find new niches that are profitable and have very little competition?" can produce a never-ending stream of new blog posts.
It is a question that is simply too big to answer in one article.
I can keep coming back to it and either come up with sub-questions that slice off a portion of the answer, or I can reslant it to focus on things like sources to look for new niches, how to avoid competition, how to find out if a niche is profitable, how to find out if enough searches are made on Google to make the niche worthwhile, etc.
Inevitably, it seems that as soon as I come up with a list of questions on a topic, my article is two-thirds written.
That is how powerful questions can be to producing a lot of good content for my blogs and articles.
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