Pioneer VSX-1020-K 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver - Speaker Setup Info

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Here is a look at how the Pioneer VSX-1020 provides the user with information on the speaker setup. If using the MCACC automatic speaker setup system, everything shown in these menu examples is performed automatically. However, if you choose the manual speaker setup option, you will also have access to these menus and can set your own parameters as shown.
In both cases, built-in test tones are provided to assist in speaker setup.

It is also important to note that if you are not satisfied with the MCACC calculations, you can go in and change one or more settings manually as well, if desired.

The image on the top left shows what speakers are connected. In this case, I have selected five speakers (Center, L, R, and Surround) to be connected in the main room and I have designated the surround back channels for Zone 2.

The image on the bottom left shows the size calculation of the speakers. If a subwoofer is detected, all the other speakers are designated as SMALL. The reason for this is so the crossover point between the subwoofer and the rest of the speakers is set properly.

The image on the top right shows the distance of the speakers to the primary listening position. If using the MCACC system, this calculation is done automatically. If doing this manually, you can enter your own distance measurements.

The image on the bottom right shows the channel "volume" levels. Once again, if using the MCACC system, it will calculate the levels automatically.

If you are doing the speaker setup manually, you can use the VSX-1020's test tone generator and either your own ears or a sound meter to set the proper channel levels.

For a look at the System setup menu, proceed to the next, and last, photo in this gallery....

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