Latin Music Pays Tribute to The Creator of "Historia De Un Amor"

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Carlos Eleta Almaran, a successful entrepreneur from Panama, passed away this week. His name probably does not say anything to most people. However, he is the autor of "Historia De Un Amor," one of the top Latin music songs of all time. This post pays tribute to one of the most romantic Bolero tracks ever written and the man who invented it.

"Historia De Un Amor" is a heartbreaking song inspired by a dramatic episode.

In fact, Carlos Eleta Almaran wrote this famous piece after the conversation he had with his brother's wife Mercedes before she died.

His sister in law, who was pregnant and knew she was about to die because of the severe illness she had, asked Carlos to take care of his brother Fernando. Carlos reassured Mercedes and three hours later he wrote down some of the most memorable lyrics in the history of Latin music. "Historia De Un Amor" was his way to pay tribute to Mercedes and support his brother during the tragic loss.

The first artist who interpreted this song was Leo Marini, one of the most famous singers from the legendary Cuban band La Sonora Matancera. Soon after it hit the market, "Historia De Un Amor" became a huge hit throughout Latin American and beyond. It is believed, the song provided Carlos Eleta Almaran with more than a million dollars in royalties.

Besides being a businessman, Carlos Eleta Almaran was also a songwriter, a political activist and even a boxing manager who took care of the career of the famous Panamanian boxer Roberto 'Mano de Piedra' Duran.

His life was full of successful projects and "Historia Del Amor" was his greatest gift to Latin music. R.I.P.

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