Book Review: Degunking Windows

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The Bottom Line

From the moment you turn your computer on and start using Windows you begin a slow downward trend in performance. As you install more programs and surf the Web your computer hard drive becomes fragmented and filled with unneccesary temp and cache files. Small programs you don't need configure themselves to start when Windows starts and sap precious memory and resources. This book will show you how to find and remove what you don't need and clean up what you do need to maximize your Windows PC.

  • Clean up and speed up your Windows computer
  • Plain English help with a dash of humor show you what you need to know
  • Great tips and information

  • None

  • "Quick Degunking Sheet" illustrates the time and effort required to perform different tasks
  • Lots of tips, tricks, hints and advice written in language that novice users can comprehend
  • References programs you can download to help you with the cleaning and "degunking" process

Guide Review - Book Review: Degunking Windows

The main focus of this site is security- not Windows maintenance. I tend to spend most of my time examining new ways to protect and safeguard my computer, not clean it up. However, perhaps because I install and uninstall software frequently to test it out and surf the Web an inordinate amount of time doing research, my computer becomes cluttered and fragmented faster than most and the information found in Degunking Windows is exactly what the doctor ordered.

If you follow the default Windows installation you may already be starting out with a significant number of applications and utilities that you will never use taking up hard drive space and possibly memory and processor resources.

As you surf the Web your computer caches information in Temporary Internet Files which can take a significant amount of drive real estate if not kept in check. As you use programs data that in theory belongs together is actually written to random areas scattered about the hard drive. Over time this file fragmentation can slow your computer down and cause excessive wear and tear on your hard drive.

Joli Ballew and Jeff Duntemann do an excellent job of helping you to find the things that are slowing down and cluttering up your system. They explain in plain-English what you need to know to remove unwanted programs and optimize your Windows machine for maximum performance. Keep the book handy because you will need to go through this cleanup periodically- maybe a couple times a year.

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