How to Sew Thick Leather

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    • 1). Fit a padded leather thimble onto your sewing thumb and place a skin pad in your palm. You can make your own skin pad by folding a piece of leather into a square and laying the square over your palm for protection.

    • 2). Line up the pieces of leather so the edges to be sewn are directly on top of one another. Hold the edges to be sewn together facing towards your sewing hand.

    • 3). Thread the leather needle with a length of linen thread and then knot the end. Hold the leather-punching awl in your sewing hand along with the threaded-needle. You will need to alternate between the awl and needle when sewing, so practice switching the two around in your hand until you are comfortable with the motion.

    • 4). Place the tip of the awl against the leather where you want to start sewing. Push the awl into the leather to create a hole that goes through all the layers. Use your protected palm to push the head of the awl into the leather.

    • 5). Pass the needle through the hole made by the awl. Make a second hole just past the first and bring the needle back up through the new hole. Continue to make one hole at a time and pass the needle through each new hole as you punch it.

    • 6). Knot the thread when you reach the end of the seam. Trim the thread ends down so they are close to the leather.

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