Great Printer Ink Cash Saving Tips

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People frequently ask us 'How much money can we save when buying printer ink?'.
Take a look at our great answers which some people often overlook.
Original ink is expensive, with the cost of compatibles being much cheaper, you could probably cut the costs of purchasing ink by up to 75% and maybe more.
Look into buying compatible printer ink cartridge.
Compatibles are not branded by your printer manufacturer, are now sold in multipacks, and are very cheap on the internet.
When you purchase your printer please make sure that each colour cartridge has its very own ink tank.
Many of the older models had the colours bundled together into 1 cartridge, but in this day and age you find that most new printers have more than 1 colour ink tank, which are black, cyan, magenta and yellow, with other printers also allowing for light cyan and light magenta for better colour printing quality.
Having a printer of this type allows you to change just the colour that has emptied and not the whole cartridge that contains 3 separate tanks, so you are not throwing away excess ink.
How many milliliters of ink in the printer ink cartridge? This is mostly a small detail that people forget when it comes to buying printer ink.
Some manufacturers may only fill about 75% of the cartridge and state on their advert that the cartridge contains X amount of ink in milliliters.
This lets them sell their printer cartridges for a little bit less.
An industry that has been rapidly growing is the cartridge recycling industry, although many of them only accept certain types of ink cartridge.
Thousands and thousands of people either chuck away their printer inks or store them away somewhere at home so they wont be seen again in months.
Today you can return your old empty cartridges in return for cash, or for a one off voucher code that will give you a further 20% off your next order with that company.
Buy multipacks.
Many printer ink companies manufacture their cartridges in bulk packs, inserting all of the ink cartridges for your model printer into the same packing, which will help save on postage costs, so buying in bulk can again save you more money.
Overall, the best place to purchase your printer ink cartridges has to be online, once you find that printer ink company that you like to shop with then it makes buying ink cartridges a walk in the park.
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