My Bose Earbuds For a First Pair of After Market Earbuds

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If you get an MP3 player for Christmas or have gotten one and you used your stock buds for listening, chances are that by Spring break, your earbuds will have given up the ghost.
Do not think of that as a bad thing because now you can enter the world of after-market earbuds.
Now is the time to consider what you liked about your stock buds and what you thought was lacking.
Perhaps a better way to say it is how you thought earbuds could be improved upon.
The first thing you need to decide on is the price range you are willing to spend.
Do not worry if you want to be conservative your first time out because today's earbuds selection has every styling available in all the price ranges.
With a price range in mind, the next step is to select a style of earbud that appeals to you.
Some people consider the color, they like to have their MP3 player and cord match.
Others consider how the buds hang around the head, y-style or behind-the neck and others are concerned about having a volume-control on the cable.
The great thing about today is you can great sounding sets that address these preferences with a brand that combines functionality and style, Bose earbuds.
I ordered my first pair of Bose tri-port earbuds because the color scheme matched my player and a friend said he found his set comfortable.
It took about three days for the package to arrive that I ordered online and then I received them the afternoon of a free evening.
This gave me the chance to use them for about four hours straight.
The first thing I noticed was a nice fit in my ears.
The Bose earbuds came with a set of three gaskets of different sizes.
The mediums fit me fine and I walked to the mall to do some shopping and returned after about two hours.
The earbuds stayed in for the entire time and through all my daily ranges ranges of motion.
The signature sound of the Bose earbuds leans toward a strong low range, with a medium middle and high range.
I like that because I listen to electric-guitar and drum driven music.
The stereo separation was crisp and clear and when a chord started in the right channel it flawlessly traveled to the left channel and back again.
The cable on my set is of standard thickness and for a few dollars more you can get a set of Bose earbuds that feature a thicker cables.
What you want to avoid is a cable that repeatedly twists itself in a clockwise or counter-clockwise manner and after three months of use I haven't had the twists occur to my earbud cables.
Also, on the duration note, finding replacement tips is easy both over the internet and at larger electronic retailers.
You will enjoy Bose earbuds and for a price range between 50.
00 and 100.
00 dollars makes these a good deal for upgrading your listening devices.
The difference between the lower-priced and higher-priced Bose earbuds has to do with cable and differences in materials used in manufacturing.
If this is your first time buying after-market buds do not be shy about being cautious.
Start off with a 20.
00 dollar set of earbuds and you will be impressed when compared to your stock buds.
This will probably lead you to wanting to explore the higher range Bose earbuds so welcome to the world of earbuds.
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