Internet Dating Profile Tips to Get Lots More Profile Views

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Unless your an extremely attractive girl or guy getting people to look at your dating profile and respond or write to you can be quite a challenge.
There are certain little dating profile tips you can utilize to increase the number of views of your dating profile.
Follow these tips for your online dating profile and I guarantee you will get more attractive people noticing your profile and making contact with you.
[1] Here is an online dating profile tip most people do not know about.
Did you ever notice that when you first join a dating site and create your profile you get more 'traffic' to your profile the first week or so and then it dies down? When a new profile is created on a dating site they put your profile at the top of other peoples search results.
They do this so the freshest faces get shown the most and the dating site is trying to impress you with more 'action' with the hopes you become a paying member.
Once a week go to your dating profile(s) and make a couple of small changes.
Add or change some text in your profile introduction.
When you submit your updated profile you will once again be placed at the top of peoples search results.
Updating your dating profile every week keeps putting your profile back at the top of other members searches.
[2] Create a short video of yourself and put it on YouTube.
Do not be shy about making the video as a "hey I am single, my name is bla bla, I am looking to meet new people" etc.
It does not have to be long, maybe 30 seconds or so.
In the video description make sure you include the following words: men seeking women (or women seeking men), singles, dating, personals.
Include those words in tags for the video.
Make sure the very first text you put in your description is a link to one of your dating profiles.
YouTube gets a lot of traffic and you could get a lot more profile views and interested people this way.
If you look at some videos on YouTube you will see they get hundreds of thousands of visitors.
Your video might be one of them.
[3] At the end of your profile ask a thought provoking question.
The idea here is to make it simple, easy, effortless, and fun for people to write you and say hello.
Asking them a question at the end gives them something to start the message to you with.
[4] Join as many dating sites as possible.
You do not even have to become a paying member.
Almost all dating sites today let you join and create a profile free.
The purpose of having a lot of profiles is most people when they are perusing dating sites looking to meet someone they usually visit more than just one dating site.
By having a profile at lots of dating sites members of the opposite sex will see you repeatedly at different dating sites.
This will create a sense of familiarity for them with you so they will feel more comfortable initiating contact.
It creates the 'I have seen you around' feeling so your no longer a total and complete stranger.
Follow these four simple online dating profile tips and I guarantee you will at least triple the number of people visiting your dating profile.
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