Tips To Reduce International Calling And International Roaming Charges While Traveling Abroad

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Traveling overseas is an expensive affair which includes the traveling charges, air tickets, hotel stay, food etc. What adds volumes to your overseas traveling expenses, are international roaming Charges that you need to pay to your local subscriber for using their services in a foreign land. This is why, people should be more careful when meeting their communication needs while traveling abroad.

There are several measures you can adopt to save money on international roaming charges. By utilizing some useful tips while traveling abroad, you can easily save a fortune whilst conveniently staying in touch with people back home. Following are some of the ways:

1. Acquire a global SIM card
Global SIM card is the best bet when it comes to getting rid of your international roaming charges. It is a must for all those who travel to foreign countries regularly or even frequently. You can easily purchase an international SIM card from the local telecom companies at very reasonable charges. You can save up to 80 % of the money spent on global roaming with the aid of this card. With these cards you can easily keep in touch with your family members and associates back home, at a fraction of the cost of using your home mobile phone there.

2. Get an international cell phone rental
In countries like America, the mobile phone functions on either AMPS or CDMA technologies with different frequencies. The idea of buying a new handset for the purpose of traveling is totally irrelevant as the phone would be completely out of service in your country. Therefore, going for an international cell phone rental is the most appropriate option that can help you save the extra money spent on purchasing a new phone for a limited and short period.

3. Use the internet Caf or Wi-Fi
Another way of making cheap and affordable international calls in through Skype or other VoIP providers. In order to use this service you need constant internet connection that can be availed from an Internet Caf or a smart phone like a Global Blackberry with an inbuilt Wi-Fi system.

4. Use a local phone booth for making ISD calls
You can utilize the local telephone booth of the country you are visiting for making calls. This will help you avoid high roaming charges. In case, you are visiting a country with advanced fixed telecommunications infrastructure you can simply purchase an international phone card and use it over a landline phone.

By following any of these steps you can actually save a lot of money spent on the mobile phone bills with huge roaming charges. The purpose of this article is to give you some tips to save you a fortune. You can refer to the international cell phone rental and SIM card services of Clay Telecom is a leading international wireless telecommunication company. It also provides Global Blackberry services for the travelers.
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