A Design Process - is There Such a Thing?

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Every website has had a designer in charge of creating and adapting the look of that site.
Of course, this means that it is immensely difficult to not have a design similar to that of previous websites.
With this in mind, have these designers used a process to create these websites? Web designers such as ourselves, who use our skills to make unique websites for specific companies, are given a brief and idea of what is expected for that customer.
We discuss colours, logos, images and text with our customers to make sure that all these attributes reflect their company and what they stand for.
It is our job to create the right design that makes a company proud of their website as well as functioning to the standards we would want for our own site.
With the brief in hand, a large part of designing a website is the personal taste of the designer.
Our creativity is what makes a design unique and specific for that person and their what they are trying to portray.
However, there is a theory that designers use a process of creating websites.
Explaining the trend that sites are not made from original ideas.
A successful design is repeated in a different format and lay out to correspond with the different specifications.
Of course the same with designing anything - as well as web - there is a matter of confidence when a design proceeds to do well and attracts wanted attention.
With many examples of successful and replicated designs, especially in technology, a design that sells and proceeds to make a lot of profit for those designers.
It creates a base for many other companies to follow this design to see if they can match or even improve the success of the first product.
Website design is similar, however the processes some people undertake are different to others.
All creativity has to be different and with web design, the processes are unique to each and every person developing websites.
We have our own styles that are incorporated in to website we develop.
When designing and creating anything time and time again, you find your niche and discover what your sites have in common, event though each are different.
Of course, there is a huge difference between getting inspiration from another design and just copying an old one.
Fortunately, our creative flare and urge for finding original inspiration, specific to our customers, means we never copy any designs, whether it be our own or others.
Although we may prefer to use a type of style, and use of flash, never do we use the same design for any of our many customers, or will ever do so.
In conclusion there could be a process in the way a designer first goes about designing and how inspiration and adaptation begins.
However, to create an original web page for our customers, each of us has a unique process that changes with each design.
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