Helping Our Childrend Deal with Divorce

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The Whirlwinds of Divorce Looking into Deep blue eyes Now darkened Injuries Of divorce Encompass Our Children A whirlwind Twirls the home Into a far away place Our differences Leave the fruit Of the marriage Picking up the pieces A parent's passion Raising children together Lost forever In the lust and dust Of our souls Bruises Deeply imbedded Their innocent souls Injured, In this war of lost love Blistered hearts Guiltless souls Our children Sailing this sea of life Can the lighthouse be rebuilt? Tonight, I have been thinking a lot of my two boys.
My wife and I recently divorced about three or four months ago.
Both our boys are having such a hard time coping.
I think one of the best ways to help our children cope with divorce is to try and stay friends with our spouses.
I know this is hard to do, but if we can keep an open form of communication it is best for our children.
Secondly, I think keeping our children in a faith-based environment is another way of helping our children cope with the loss.
Lastly, letting our children know we love them every day is a good way to help our children deal with the heartache of a divorce.
Letting our children know that is not their fault, and staying close to our kids in these hard times is a must.
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