Preschool Christmas Tree Crafts

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    • A decorated tree lights up a preschooler's Christmas tree image by Szymon Apanowicz from

      The tradition of an evergreen tree for decoration comes from ancient times. Christian symbolism of the pine tree emphasized a vertical tree that forever pointed heavenward. Thomas Edison's assistant Edward Johnson added to the idea of decorating evergreens when he had the idea of electric lights, instead of candles, to light Christmas trees in 1882. Preschoolers associate a brightly decorated tree with the promise of good things they will find under it on Christmas morning.

    Curly branches Christmas tree

    • Preschoolers can practice their cutting and dexterity skills to make a curly-branch 3-D Christmas tree craft. Fold two pieces of green construction paper in half, then cut them to make two identical triangle shapes. Give a pair of the green triangles to each child.

      Preschoolers should cut from the side edges of the shapes to almost the center. Show the kids how to roll the branch strips to make them curly.

      Staple the two tree shapes together at the middle fold. Stand the 3-D tree on a table. The children may glue on some glitter or construction paper pieces to decorate their trees.

    Pine cone trees

    • Pine cones make fun Christmas tree crafts.Pine cones image by vadiko from

      Pine cones can be turned into an easy preschool Christmas tree craft. Let preschoolers paint the pine cones green. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle on some glitter. When the paint is dry, children may glue on other craft materials, if desired.

      Flat-bottom pine cones will stand upright on a table. Any pine cone can be used as an ornament on a Christmas tree.

    Handprint Christmas tree

    • Preschoolers can use handprint cutouts to build a Christmas tree.handprints image by ike from

      Preschoolers' handprints can serve as the branches of a Christmas tree craft. Trace and cut out at least 12 green construction-paper handprints for each child. Give a paper towel tube to each child.

      Starting from the bottom of the paper towel tube, show the children how to tape or glue three handprints for a layer of tree branches. Move up a little from this layer and tape or glue three more handprints. Continue until the entire cardboard tube is covered with the handprint branches. Children may roll some of the fingers of the handprints upward to make the tree look more full.

      If a decorated tree is desired, let the children choose from available craft materials to glue or tape onto their trees.

    Christmas bow tree

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