Floor Tile (polishing Brick) To Choose And Buy Three Skills

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Polished tiles choose and buy the first recruit: different room choose different trait of floor tile
When we select floor tile, in material should be different. Floor tile is divided into polishing brick, glazed tile two kinds, polished tiles also known as vitrified tile, its characteristic for good abrasion resistance, need not soaking, etc., because of the relatively smooth and beautiful, so in the sitting room and dining-room use rise is better, and relatively speaking easy to wipe. Glazed tiles also known as mirror tiles, its characteristic for skid resistance good, the more encounter water prevent slippery effect the better, but note that glazed tile is very sensitive to the dust, resulting in non-slip effect weakened, kitchen and toilet because of easy wet, had better use glazed tile.

Floor tile choose and buy the second recruit: must pay attention to the pave and stick tache
Before the shop is stuck, ceramic tile often needs to immerse inside clear water in 20 to 30 minutes, filter to moisture be carried out only after the shop is stuck. Use before should be checked prior to use the color number, the size marked on the package whether is their own order models, the same color number bricks whether have off color, break line etc defects. Only use the same color number just can make the color uniformity. The shop is stuck use the cement label which should be low-grade, cement thickness don't too large, usually not more than 5 mm. Acceptance should be paid attention to when ceramic tile must be firm, no empty drum, no crack, can not have askew, the missing edge off angle etc defects.

Floor tile choose and buy the third recruit: parameter can not be ignored
Tile hardness is the most important parameter, will directly affect the service life of the tile, and is particularly important. The simplest method is can use percussion sound method, crisp sound to indicate that intrinsic quality good, not easily deformed broken. Off color, size is according to intuitive judgment can, see a group of ceramic tile color is whether broadly in line, can or can not be better pieced together, color difference is small, regular size is top grade.

There is also an important parameter is the wear resistance, according to the from low to high is divided into five degrees, five degrees belong to super abrasion resistance, generally not used for home decoration, the home installs brick in between one to four degrees can choose namely. Bibulous rate is also decides the use of ceramic tile, bibulous rate is high the ceramic tile of low density, brick hole poor, unfavorable in the activities of frequent place to use, in order to avoid after water absorption fouling not suitable to clean up. Low water absorption tile its high density, has a high moisture-proof dirt capacity.

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