Skits & Games to Do for Children Ministries

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    Puppet Skits

    • Choose a story or parable from the Bible, such as the Old Testament story of Joseph and his multi-colored coat. Assign each child a part in the story, adding additional roles if necessary. If you have more students than parts in the original story, add in animals and a narrator to include everyone. Have each child create a sock puppet for the character and give them all copies of the story to learn their parts. Have them use the puppets to act out the skit for parents or another grade of the children's ministry.

    Acting Skits

    • Assign each child a role in a biblical story, such as the birth of Jesus, the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist or a parable such as the story of the Good Samaritan. Print out each child's part so they can review and memorize it. Help the children to construct costumes, props and backdrops for the skit. Rehearse the skit so everyone knows where to be and their lines in the play. Perform the play for the rest of the ministry or the parents of the children.

    Bible Scavenger Hunt

    • Create a scavenger hunt of Bible verses and stories for the children to find. This will help them to familiarize themselves with the Bible and the various verses and quotations. Ask the students, for example, who the king of Jerusalem was when Jesus was born. Give the students clues, such as "this is found in the New Testament." The answer is Herod. Create a variety of questions and let the children race to find the correct answer. Award a prize to the child who finds all the correct answers first.

    Learning the Bible

    • Ask the children to review a specific Bible chapter or verse for homework. In the class after you assigned the verse, write the verse on the board, but leave out a variety of words. Leave a gap where each missing word should be. Go through the verse, having the students take turns at suggesting what word fills the gap. If they guess correctly, award prizes, such as a piece of candy. If they guess incorrectly, draw one portion of an angel on the board, such as her head, body, wings or halo. If you draw the complete angel the class loses, but if they complete the verse without finishing the angel drawing, everyone wins a prize.

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