Little Known Facts about Bear Spray For Camping and Hiking

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Here are some facts about Guard Alaska bear spray, bear attacks and bears in general that you may not know...

Bear attacks generally ruin a camping or hiking trip.

Grizzly bears are huge.

It is an extremely bad idea to let a quarter-ton northern Wisconsin black bear bite you in the head and torso region.

Half-ton mother Grizzly bears do not find it amusing when you try to pet one of it's cubs.

Both of these bears are much, much stronger, faster and well equipped to inflict damage on the other.

You will lose in a foot race with just about any species of bear. Badly.

You will not hear bear attack survivors laughing when they recant the tale of the time that kooky little furry guy attacked them in the forest.

Bears will not understand your intentions to do it no harm and explaining it to them will be of no use as they don't speak any human language.

Guard Alaska is the only one registered with the EPA as a repellent for ALL SPECIES of bear!

Bear spray helps prevent a situation very likely to end your life by making a bear feel as though his dace may literally be partially on fire.

Bears, like most of God's creatures, do not enjoy intense burning sensation over the majority of their face, throat and lungs.

The majority of bear attacks aren't made by bears looking to start a ruckus.

They happen because a human happens to find themselves in the

wrong place at the wrong time and has now encountered a bear that feels threatened.

Bear spray keeps these beautiful creatures from attacking you but also from having to be killed themselves (as would be the case with a firearm) or even suffering any lingering ill effects from the spray.

I understand these fact are so obvious and outlandish that it's almost foolish to list them but what is even more foolish is to ignore the fact that if you're camping, climbing, jogging, or hiking in bear populated areas you run at least some risk of finding yourself face to face with a bear. To not be prepared, especially when it is so easy to do so,  is to be doing yourself and your loved one's a great disservice. So if you plan on being in an area where wild bears are present please obtain an effective bear spray to help the likelihood of surviving a face to face encounter with a bear in the wild.

Stay Safe,

Puzek Security Systems

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