How to Clean a Deck Before Staining With Bleach & Water

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    • 1). Mix warm water and oxygen bleach in a cleaning bucket. Oxygen bleach can be purchased with cleaning products in any supermarket and will give you water-to-bleach measurements on the package container.

    • 2). Hose off the deck using a garden hose with a strong water stream. Focus especially on areas of mildew and residue, rinsing away as much as possible.

    • 3). Pour the bleach cleaning solution over the deck, saturating the entire deck thoroughly. Let the solution stand for 15 minutes. Foaming bubbles will form as the bleach does its cleaning job. This is normal, as the bubbles are a sign of oxygenation, which is how this type of bleach works to clean surfaces.

    • 4). Use a scrub brush to lightly scrub the surface after the 15 minutes has passed. The large majority of any mildew or film should be loose from the surface, requiring little work to remove the remainder.

    • 5). Rinse the entire deck with the garden hose, then let air dry. When the deck has fully dried, apply the deck stain.

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