An Overview Of The New iPhoto Application For The iPhone 4S

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Apple have recently launched the new iPhoto software which can be used on mobile devices like the iPhone 4S and on tablets such as the iPad2.
This new software aims to provide users with a simple service that helps them to manage, edit and share their photographs.
Since its launch at the end of March 2012 the software has proved a big hit with consumers with over one million users being registered just ten days after the application was launched.
The iPhoto application is available from the iTunes App Store for £2.
99 and for this price users get a wonderful piece of software that offers many great features.
One of the key elements to this new application is improving how users can view and manage their images.
The simple interface make great use of the touchscreen on the iPhone 4S to allow dozens of photos to be sorted very easily.
The software is capable of finding photographs that are similar to one another so it is easy to make comparisons.
This ability to view multiple images side by side is also great if you want to choose your favourite images and discard the ones that are not quite as impressive.
The user has full control of the interface and images can be resized to meet your requirements.
People who like to use their iPhone 4S in landscape mode may want to display more images on the screen while users who prefer portrait orientation may prefer to view single images in a larger size.
The iPhoto application for the iPhone 4S not only allows users to manage their shot but it also offers options that enable them to enhance photos with the use of some basic editing features.
All of the editing facilities offered by this software work by simply touching the part of the photo that you want to edit and then dragging it to another area of the screen.
This basic control is easy to master and pretty soon users will be editing their images in just a few minutes.
The application features an automatic horizon setting which will straighten photographs and a useful white balance setting enables easy colour correction on all images.
A number of photo effects that have been designed by Apple can be applied to all shots.
These can transform your photograph into an artistic black and white shot or make it look like an oil painting.
The application links with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter so that photos can be uploaded easily and the Apple Airplay feature also works with all images.
The iPhoto application for the iPhone 4S is an impressive piece of software that Apple hopes will compete with some of the very best photographic software currently available.
Not only does this new application offer some great editing features but it also helps the user to easily manage their entire photo collection on their mobile device.
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