Need For a Green Army to Revive the Economy

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During the present economic downturn prevailing around much of the world governments have been seized with initiatives to revive economic activities and reduce unemployment.
One of the proposals is large spending on new infrastructure projects.
An infrastructure project worth considering appears to be the creation of a green army charged with creating new forest areas through new tree plantations as well as new water ways and lakes to support such forests.
Trees can be selected to provide food, energy through wood and bio-fuels, and wood for fuel, buildings and furniture besides creating new forest lands.
Such a move will meet two other urgent needs of mankind - improving climate as well as mitigating energy shortages on a sustainable basis.
It has been felt by many thinkers that the human population on earth has increased beyond desirable levels over the past several decades.
This increase is a burden on the planet.
Human population on the planet cannot be reduced in a hurry.
The next best thing is to utilize this population to improve the planet and the best way to do it is to create large green armies around the world to undertake the task.
Different regiments of the army can be posted to different areas in order to create forests and nurture them for three to five years until they are established before moving on to new areas.
At the present time, although many countries are facing a shortage of fresh water, a lot of fresh water that falls on the continents flows back to the oceans in the rainy season.
Creation of inland water reservoirs (lakes) and canals to bring water to these lakes will increase inland water resources as well as fish farming.
A green army if created needs to engage itself in this task of enhancing fresh water resources along with tree plantations.
When creating new canals over undulating land the creations of tunnels rather than lifting water must be the preferred mode since it does not require additional energy for pumping.
The activities of a green army would need to be supported by a green research institute that will develop the project details for new initiatives of the green army.
In the modern world the need for traditional armies raised to engage in warfare is rapidly reducing.
It is time now to change the emphasis to green armies engaged in fighting climatic degradation.
If such armies are created it will undoubtedly help economic activity in a fruitful and sustainable manner.
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