Accutane Clears Cystic Acne

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Acne only affects adolescents... right?... Wrong! Today, acne - a common skin disorder - occurs in adults, too. Statistics reveal that acne affects almost 85% of teenagers and young adults between the ages of 12 and 25. In addition, apart from its far-reaching psychosocial impact, this disruptive skin ailment comes with a host of related problems - emotional discomfort, lower self esteem, self-consciousness, depression, loneliness, and more.

The price of neglect

As in a majority of cases, in its mild and early form, acne can be treated successfully, to some extent, with anti-bacterial creams, lotions, and other natural, acne treatment remedies. However, a significant number of people often brush off acne in the belief that it is a passing phase in a teenager's life, and therefore neglect timely medical intervention... until it is too late.

Unfortunately, most teenage and adult acne sufferers succumb to the 'quick fixes' and 'magical formulas' put out by lesser known companies, and seek medical help only when they're diagnosed with persistent and severe acne. By this time, noticeable scars appear on their faces, and possibly, even on their backs and shoulders. This is often accompanied by the start of an emotional downslide - depression, lower self esteem, loneliness, and in some extreme cases, suicidal tendencies. When considering the large number of acne sufferers who fail to address their acne problems early on, collectively this number has a wider and negative social impact, as well.

The benefit of knowing

If you happen to suffer from mild acne, the more you know about it, AND take action, the better for you. As any professional dermatologist or skin specialist will tell you, acne is a 'progressive' skin ailment IF neglected, and if an effective acne treatment program is ignored, more severe strains of acne can develop over time, including acne scarring and the much dreaded " cystic acne ". What this says is get help NOW!

Acne develops when Sebaceous glands, and the individual hair follicles within them, get inflamed. These glands secrete an oily substance termed 'Sebum'. Over time, oily secretion causes inflammation and bacterial growth by clogging the follicles... and the result is acne.

The power of Accutane

Today, skin specialists and dermatologists have a revolutionary new, wonder weapon for coping with teenage and adult acne... " Accutane (the trade name of 'Isotretinoin'). Accutane is a chemical-based compound related to vitamin A, and is a popular and highly effective acne treatment drug for severe forms of persistent acne, cystic acne, and acne scarring. It is usually recommended when all other acne treatment, antibiotics, and antibacterial creams and lotions prove ineffective in curtailing the development and spread of acne.

Accutane restricts the development of Sebum, and in the process, significantly reduces the possibility of inflammation and bacterial growth within the Sebaceous glands, follicles and skin surface that cause acne, while also inhibiting the development of "comedones" (whiteheads and blackheads). Accutane has proved to be effective and safe, with in excess of 2 million people having been treated with it.

Accutane must be administered under the strict recommendations and advice of a skin specialist or dermatologist. There are indeed some side effects associated with the drug, but these are often caused by either incorrect or over dosage. Accutane is an orally administered medication and on an average an accutane treatment program is between 15 and 20 weeks.

Accutane is a powerful medication and should not be used without the guidance of a medical doctor. It can have serious side effects for women, and blood tests are required monthly as well as membership in a program called iPledge. If you are considering Accutane, talk to your doctor. DO NOT get Accutane or its generic brand on the internet!! For Cystic Acne sufferers, used as prescribed, Accutane is a miracle drug.

Perhaps one of the the biggest benefits of Accutane acne treatment is its effectiveness in the treatment and cure of acne scarring. Noticeable scars can dramatically affect the emotional makeup and self-esteem of an acne sufferer, but thanks to Accutane... you'll have every reason to smile each time you look into a mirror. It will give you back your life!
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