The Blackberry Bold Compared to the iPhone

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    • One of the most obvious differences between the BlackBerry Bold and the iPhone is the keyboard. The Bold uses an onboard, sliding, full QWERTY keyboard, reducing its screen size in comparison to the iPhone's full-length screen. The iPhone uses a touch-screen keyboard that shows up only when needed.


    • The iPhone tagline "There's an app for that," isn't far off the mark. Hundreds of thousands of iPhone-ready applications that are easy to download from the iTunes store and install make the iPhone highly versatile. BlackBerry's App World has around 10,000 applications, and many of the most popular iPhone apps are also available for BlackBerry. The largest difference lies in the fact that iPhone users can download apps via iTunes and their computers, while BlackBerry users can only use their BlackBerrys' own connectivity to download apps.

    Internet Browser

    • All BlackBerry models use the same type of Internet browser, one made especially for the BlackBerry, called BlackBerry Internet Service, or BIS. Learning to use BIS may take some time, but it is similar to most other browsers in its capabilities. iPhones use Safari, the standard browser on Apple computers. If you've already used Safari, you may find the iPhone easier to use when surfing the Web.


    • One of the major disadvantages of the iPhone is that it is difficult to replace a failed battery. A BlackBerry Bold battery can be removed and replaced. The availability of BlackBerry batteries makes it easy to carry a replacement with you in case of emergency -- something you cannot do with an iPhone.


    • As of early 2011, the prices for the two smartphones are comparable. The Bold starts at $199, while the 16 GB iPhone costs the same. If you want the 32 GB iPhone, the price is higher, starting at $299. Since you'll be spending a significant amount of money on either type of phone, going into an electronics store and testing both models yourself will tell you which you want to spend your hard-earned money on.

    Service Providers

    • As of 2011, only two providers can offer the iPhone -- Verizon and AT&T. If you don't use one of those companies for your cell phone service and you want an iPhone, you'll have to switch carriers. BlackBerry is offered by a wider array of carriers, including Verizon, At&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, AllTel, Rogers and Nextel, among others.

    Memory and Other Specs

    • The iPhone comes in two different sizes for onboard memory, a 16 GB and a 32 GB, which gives you the capacity to save thousands of songs, apps and even videos to your phone. The BlackBerry Bold model with the largest amount of memory comes with 512 MB onboard with an included 2 GB memory card. If you're looking to save media and maintain speed, the iPhone may be a better buy. Both phones offer 5 megapixel cameras and video recording with similar capabilities and functionality, and both are Wi-Fi enabled to allow you to use a wireless Internet connection to save on your carrier's data-transfer fees.

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