How to Put Budgies Together

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    • 1). Purchase another male budgie, if you already have a male bird. Male budgies tend to get on better together than a male and a female. When a male and female are housed in a small indoor cage, the female typically becomes dominant and depending on the temperament of the male, the female may bother the male a great deal.

    • 2). Put your new budgie into a separate cage for at least a month. This gives you the opportunity to quarantine the new bird and be sure that it is healthy and does not pass any disease onto your original bird.

    • 3). Use the time that the budgie is in quarantine to tame the bird. It is more difficult to tame a new budgie after it has been introduced to a second bird.

    • 4). Place the two cages near each other after the month quarantine period has passed.

    • 5). Offer favorite food items to each of the budgies. Each bird will be interested in the treat and pay more attention to it, than to the other bird.

    • 6). Observe the birds' reaction toward each other, but do not interfere. The two are in separate cages and can not hurt each other.

    • 7). Give the budgies privacy to get to know each other.

    • 8). Do not favor either bird, particularly not the new bird, as your original budgie may become very jealous.

    • 9). Place the cages next to each other so that they are touching. This allows the two budgies to make limited physical contact through the bars, but does dot allow either to do serious damage to the other if they choose to fight.

    • 10

      Observe the birds from a distance and try not to disturb them. Look out for any mutual grooming, as this is a positive sign.

    • 11

      Remove favorite toys or treats from the cage of your original budgie. Rearrange the perches in its cage to create a novel and neutral area.

    • 12

      Place the new budgie in with the original bird.

    • 13

      Remain in the room so you can separate the budgies if necessary.

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