Elk Hunting - Are You Making One of the 5 Big Mistakes?

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Elk hunting is my favorite type of elk hunting.
Waiting for elk season to start is like a child waiting for Christmas.
You get excited and make wishes and hope they come true.
BUT there are some serious mistakes that hunters make every year that can make you feel like Santa put a lump of coal in your stocking.
Most of these mistakes can be avoided with the right know how.
Physical preparation - many newer hunters simply do not understand the intense physical challenge Colorado Elk Hunting will be.
They do not know there is a way to physically train for the hunt.
Weather - Many elk hunters have started a hunt unprepared for different weather conditions.
Not just rain - but cold.
Colorado temperatures can vary greatly when the sun goes down.
Do you know what to take to start a fire? 3.
Compass - In the GPS age we live in, hunters will often rely totally on a hunting GPS.
Colorado high country can be very confusing to satellites.
You should always carry a compass as back up - batteries die, electronics do not always work - have a plan B.
Water - water is key during Elk Hunting.
Make sure you understand how to store and filter the water you will need to stay hydrated.
Not have an adequate supply of water is the worst mistake a hunter can make.
Break in your Boots - If you are going to use a new pair of boots - Colorado high country is very rugged and extreme.
Make sure you have worn you boots in very well - boy will that save you a lot of pain.
Elk Hunting is a sport that takes much planning and preparation.
Many Elk Hunters start planning their hunt a year or more in advance.
Knowing what you need to do - and often what to avoid can determine the success of your hunt.
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