How to Locate a Song by Title

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    • 1). Perform an Internet search, including the song title and any other information you may have about the song. Search the song title with the place you first discovered the song. For example, if you saw the music video on a popular television program, enter the song title and the name of the program into the search engine.

    • 2). Search the title plus any information you have about the style or genre of the song if Step 1 does not generate results. For example, if you are trying to locate a solo vocal version of the song "Skylark," enter "skylark, a cappella" into the search engine.

    • 3). Collect and organize your search results. Take some time on the "search results" page to note any instances in which the song title appears associated with an artist's name. Keep an eye out for any proper names immediately before or after the song title. Take note of any artist names you find.

    • 4). Narrow down your results be reviewing them on an online music service. Find an online music service that will allow you to search its catalog and preview songs for free (i.e. Perform a search by name of each artist that you found in Step 2. Look through the search results until you find the title of the song your are locating. Preview the songs under each artist name until you find the song you are seeking.

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