Ideas for Making Easter Baskets

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    The Basket

    • The usual Easter basket is made out of colorful bamboo and boasts a long, sturdy handle. If you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, try your local fabric or craft store. Gluing your favorite feathers, felt, yarn, silk flowers and leaves or bright construction foam onto a plain white basket adds a personal flair. You can also paint colorful designs onto a plain basket.

      For something different, avoid using a basket altogether. Decorate a small old-fashioned hat, a plastic tub, a flower pot, a paper bag, a small backpack, a purse, an old lunchbox, a gift bags or even a sand pail/bucket. Personalize your masterpiece with stickers, markers or beads. Get creative and make your "basket" out of any safe item that is big enough to hold treats for the recipient.


    • Faux plastic grass is acceptable, but not very original. Instead of plastic grass, that tends to get everywhere, try using small strips of construction paper to line the bottom of the basket. Write messages on the scraps of paper so that even the lining of the basket is part of the gift. You can also use shredded paper from your household shredder or inexpensive tissue paper.


    • Filling the basket is the fun part. Consider the age, sex and likes of the basket's recipient. Popular inclusions are bubbles, yo-yos, jewelry, plastic toys, stickers, chalk, jump ropes, jelly beans, crayons, stuffed animals, chocolates, hair clips, marshmallow chicks and, of course, dyed eggs. Other ideas include spring-themed soaps, glitter/gel pens, a change purse, nail polish, healthy treats (granola bars, trail mix, raisins, fruit), rice-krispy treats, lollipops, bubble bath, homemade cookies or cupcakes, lip gloss, watercolors, paint brushes, pads of paper or plastic eggs filled with loose change.

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