Fashion Clothing Ideas

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    • The Boho, or Bohemian, look is an easy, free-spirited style of dress that incorporates influences from Bohemian, gypsy and hippie cultures and is very popular with women all over the world for spring and summer fashions. The essence of Boho Chic is soft, free-flowing dresses, wide skirts, peasant tops and tunics and colorful jewelry. Popular accessories that go with this look include wide-brimmed straw hats, chandelier earrings, stacks of bangles and nature-inspired pieces.


    • Classic fashion clothing items are pieces that never go out of style. These include items such as men's suits and women's' tailored business wear, and items such as the ubiquitous little black dress, cocktail dresses, button-down white shirts, pencil skirts, A-line skirts, wrap dresses and tuxedos. These fashion items have such universal appeal and acceptance that they are largely resistant to seasonal fashion variations and are a staple in every closet. Classic clothes are typically clean-cut, well-tailored, unembellished, and made from natural fabrics in sober colors, which allows them to be worn regardless of the year or season.


    • Denim is a hardy cotton-twill fabric that dominates the world of fashion clothing. It has been in use as a clothing fabric since the 18th century and is most often used for making jeans. Denim is often blended with synthetic fibers to produce variants that can stretch, offering a better drape and more comfortable fit. Denim clothing is always fashionable, whether in the form of jeans, jackets, dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes or accessories.

    Animal Prints

    • Animal print is a popular clothing fashion trend in which clothing is either made from the skin and fur of animals or is designed to look like animal fur. Animal prints, such as leopard, zebra or tiger patterns, have always been popular, especially in colder climates, where animal fur was traditionally used to make warm winter clothing. In modern times, faux fur and fabrics that have had a design printed on them to resemble animal fur are more popular. Animal prints are considered trendy and fashionable, and are frequently seen on coats, dresses, shoes and accessories.

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