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You might have heard about Crystal Reports Scheduler, and wonder what it is? Often known as CRD, a Crystal Reports Scheduler can help organizations/individuals deal with numerous problems like:

* Network overloads.
* Data crashes on networks.
* Slow report performance.
* Manual report distribution, which is costly.
* Late report, missed report, and duplicate report deliveries.
* Interruptions due to report delivery activities.
* Delay in report deliveries due to emergencies, sickness, conferences, meetings, or other priorities.
* Inability to use the same report multiple times with different parameters and/or destinations.
* Inability to upgrade the network to handle the increased report traffic.

These are some of the critical problems which an organization face. And Crystal Reports Scheduler is the answer to them.

A Crystal Reports Scheduler automates report distribution that makes life easy for you. All you need is just set it and forget it. While, using manual methods, you need to interact with the reporting system for actually distributing the reports, but a Crystal Reports Scheduler on the other hand, interacts with the reporting system making it easy for you deliver reports on time and accurately.

Here are some other advantages of Crystal Report Scheduler:

1. It helps in scheduling crystal reports for automated delivery during non-peak hours.

2. It helps break the ankle chains that requires real-time presence during report distribution. For instance, with the help of CRD, you can distribute reports an hour before normal starting time to reduce peak loading on the network.

3. Helps in on-time deliveries of Crystal Reports to the right people. Rest assured, with CRD (Crystal Report Scheduler), there will be no more late or missed or accidental report to the wrong people or to the same people.

4. Avoid interruptions in work flow, by delivering reports on a set time.

5. Helps eliminate interruptions in report deliveries, due to any emergencies or other priorities.

6. Crystal Report Scheduler helps in using the same report multiple times with different parameters and/or destinations that saves time and increase the work efficiency.

With so many advantages,  Crystal Report Scheduler is definitely a win-win situation for organizations.
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