Is Your Web Site Working?

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The honest truth is that anyone can develop a website...
just as anyone can landscape and anyone could pull a tooth.
But that doesn't mean that you're a developer a landscaper or a dentist.
Amateur and do-it yourself websites lack the necessary elements - just as pulling your own tooth with no antiseptic or freezing is not going to go well.
Abilities are needed in order to make your web site works.
Not to sound brash, but, just because you have a web site does not mean it'll do anything for your business growth.
Therefore, what are you doing to make it work? Most web sites out there are missing the key elements in order for the site to truly succeed.
What is missing?...
Search Engine Optimization! If your site cannot be found it's because it has not been indexed by the search engines properly- your missing out on business! It's similar to printing business cards and not giving them out to anyone.
Sure you put your web site on your business cards and other material, but what about the search engines, are you being found naturally.
If someone searches your "industry" are you a choice? Some of the issues for you not being found could be several reasons.
Here's just a few.
Your website was created many years ago or by an amateur weekend avenger web developer using an older program like front page.
Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and indexing techniques.
A professional company that knows this can keep your site ranked well.
Many businesses depend and RELY on their rankings to be making their six figures and for a lot less than you think.
Your could be lacking content that the search engine crawlers are looking for when someone makes a search for your industry.
Above average writing will hinder your search results.
Search engines look for key words to attach you to a search.
If your content consists of words which are big and less appropriate for your industry and business to make a match, you will actually be lower on the search engines.
We suggest the K.
principal when writing content.
Web sites built in frames or templates will generally hinder your search engine ranking.
Frames are not even supported by new browsers and template designers do not design web sites with SEO scoring in mind or with how relevant your content is to your meta data...
WE ARE! There are some exceptions to the above, but generally this requires extensive search engine optimization.
Believe it or not -- in most cases -- it's cheaper to redo a web site with proper SEO than it is to optimize an existing dated web site, depending on the size of the website.
However, there's a plethora of techniques and abilities that go into proper search engine optimization.
If you have a web site and would like for us to take a look at it, we offer a free no obligation analysis.
We look forward to hearing from you.
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