Tajarin with the Sauce from A Roast

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Tajarin (pronounced taieearin; the letter j, which is rather archaic in Italian, is pronounced as a slightly extended Italian I (the ee of cheese) sound) are the classic Piemontese stranded pasta, and in some Piemontese restaurants of the Langhe region, south of Torino, they are the only stranded pasta -- rigorously hand-made -- offered.

During white truffle season the libidenously inclined ask for tajarin al tartufo, but we were coming off several days of wine tasting and wanted something homier, so we asked Enrico if he could bring us tajarin smothered in the drippings from a pot roast, which is another traditional way of serving them.

He did, and when we finished them brought more. As you'll note, there is no cheese -- he did bring it, but it wasn't necessary.

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