Getting Great Social Group Discount Deals

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There are some great deals to be found on sites that promote daily coupon deals.
Super discounts are available on things like car detailing, massages, and restaurants to name just a few.
All a person has to do is sign up at a social discount site, and watch their emails to see what deals are being offered daily.
About Social Group Discount Sites Group discount sites work by bargaining with local merchants to provide discounts to consumers.
The catch for the merchant is that the group discount sites will bring hundreds of customers to their businesses that will become repeat customers if they are satisfied with the service.
Merchants have to agree to give excellent customer service to people using the discounts, which can be up to 50 percent off regular prices.
Once a merchant agrees to participate, they will determine the discount to be offered, and members of the social group discount program will have a short time (usually a few hours) to take advantage of the daily discounted service.
Once the discount coupon has been purchased the customer can schedule their service at their convenience.
The site will send the discount coupons to members that participated in the daily deal.
Merchants can also get group buying tips and hints for offering the discounted services at the site.
How the Sites Work Groupon is the original group discount site.
It posts deals daily and offers coupons in most cities across the U.
If enough people sign up for the discounts, the deal is activated.
If not enough people sign up, the deal is withdrawn and a credit card isn't charged for those who did sign up.
The coupons at this site can be purchased for friends or members can buy gift certificates for use at a later date.
Other sites focus on restaurants and social outings more than products and services.
Some sites will let the person signing up get referral dollars for each friend they refer to the site.
The sites will either transfer each referral into an actual U.
dollar that can be used towards purchases, or they let the member build up virtual dollars for each person that is referred; the virtual dollars can be used on the site for each person that is referred.
The more people referred, the more real or virtual dollars the member has to spend on purchases.
These sites depend on members referring the site to friends and then those friends referring to other friends.
This is how they build their social group customer base.
Benefits of Social Group Discount Programs If a person can obtain an incredible deal by referring their friends to a merchant, it seems like it is a win-win for both the consumer and the merchants participating in the program.
Social marketing is sweeping the nation just like social networking.
If the product or service is excellent, the merchants stand to build their customer base without having to spend advertising dollars.
Members get to share experiences with each other and refer friends to merchants that provide value for the money.
Discounting the first service in order to obtain and maintain customers is a winning deal.
Trying out a new service without having to pay a lot of money for the experience is priceless.
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