Your Problem Is Usually Not Your Problem

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Many times, we tend to think our disease is the problem, diabetes, cancer, etc.
The disease is a reflection of the problem, a result of the problem.
Our society has a tendency to want to treat symptoms, instead of dealing with the real issue.
The real issue is what has caused the disease in the first place.
When it comes to disease, scientific research has proven that most all disease stems from a lack of nutrition.
Our bodies were created to heal itself.
When our immune system is weak, because of lack of proper nutrients, we get sick.
We know that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
The same is true with our bodies.
If our immune system is weak, there is going to be a breakdown.
The remedy is not to continue to suppress the symptoms; it's to treat the problem.
In the case of disease - it's to build the immune system back up, to make it stronger and more resistance to disease.
When I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, my doctor prescribed me medication to treat the symptoms.
The drugs he gave me would lower my blood sugar levels.
He told me there was no cure, and all the literature the nurses gave me supported his conclusion.
Here was my thought process.
If the medication was to treat the symptom, being high blood sugar, what was causing the high blood sugar? I knew it was what I was eating.
If I changed what I was eating, I should change the outcome.
That is exactly what I set out to do.
Almost overnight, I eliminated obvious sugars, the diet sodas, pastries, and donuts.
I did not count calories.
I got rid of everything obvious.
I refused to compromise on the sugar.
Over the next week or so, I got rid of the fast foods and most starchy carbohydrates.
Just these small (not easy) steps alone, made a significant difference.
My blood sugar registered normal again.
When I went back to my doctor he could not believe the change.
He asked me what I done.
My wife Merlinda and I try and teach our kids not to do just enough to get by.
Unfortunately, our society teaches us the opposite - to do just enough.
This philosophy spills over into our diets.
Our question becomes, what is the least I can do, or how much can I cheat on this diet issue? What happens, many times, is that we lose the battle through compromise.
Don't get me wrong, I occasionally cheat - eat something that is probably not healthy, but in the beginning, I knew I couldn't.
My message is - do the things you know you should do, especially if your health depends on it, and you will reap the rewards.
Treat the problem not just the symptoms.
Be all in - and see the difference it will bring.
It won't be easy, but it will be profitable for you.
Don't just try it - go for it.
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