Stress As a Cause of Hemorrhoids - How to Get Rid of It

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The root causes are often overlooked when diagnosing hemorrhoids.
The fact is hemorrhoid is caused by stress in many persons but they are often not aware of it.
What they will get treated with over the counter drugs will only get rid of some symptoms like itching, pain and so on; not heal the hemorrhoid from the source.
If you have a very stressful life or always under tension, you may have finally found what caused your hemorrhoid.
Stress can cause hemorrhoid as it increase the blood pressure and thus increasing pressure in the rectal area and it can be worse if you have to sit for a long period.
As hemorrhoids are basically inflamed veins that have ruptured; with the pressure rose by stress, blood increases and thus making the hemorrhoid bigger with even more pain.
Here are a few tips to get relief from stress and your hemorrhoid.
It is important to become more active if your job consist of sitting whole day.
As along with the pressure already caused by sitting for too long stress will only make things worse.
Start some new activities with your friends or partner.
Being active can help the blood to flow better which will make the hemorrhoid shrink.
Also doing new things can get your focus off office job and get rid of stress.
Meditation is suggested as a great relief for many mental related illnesses.
Try to meditate for a few minutes every time you get the chance to do it.
It does not matter if you are in office or at home.
Just sit and close your eyes, think about nothing else but you and the universe; nothing else exists.
You will help you to relax when you are tensed.
Take a break from work.
For many people their job is the most important thing in life, I understand this very well.
But your health and family comes first.
Plan some short outdoor activities every now and then; visiting the museum, participating in local events and so on, this will help you to focus on new things which alleviate a lot of tension from the body.
It has been proven scientifically that indulging in new activities lowers the level of stress very fast.
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