Video: How To Saut¨¦ Vegetables for Linguine Aglio E Olio

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Video Transcript

First thing we need to do is to start heating our water up, we are going to turn that up to high and we are going to turn our oil on to medium and get both of those nice and hot. Just when your water gets hot is starts to steam and boil that is when you need to salt it. Putting salt in the water is going to actually going to raise the boiling temperature which means it is going to take a little longer to boil so that is why you want to get it when it is already boiling. And now that, that is boiling we are just going to drop our linguine in 1 pound right in. After about 3 minutes you want to give your pasta a good stir that is the half way point it will take about 3-4 more minutes to cook. We are going to start over here with our oil, we have on a plate here everything we just chopped up and we are just going to put it right in the pan. We are going to add some seasoning salt, black pepper, a little bit of red pepper flake not to much unless you like it spicy and a ton of garlic. Turn the flame up a little cause we introduce a lot of liquid a lot of water and watery things so that is going to cool our oil up a lot. We are just going to give that a little toss through. After about 5 minutes we are going to remove this from the heat, set it over there and our pasta is done. Let's check it, we are going to pull a little out, bring it over here, we know these noodles are done cause if we cut them and look in the inside I don't know if you can see but they are fully cooked throughout there is just the tinniest snap in the middle when you bite. Not a crunch just a little bit of resistant and that is al dente that is a perfectly done noodle.
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