4 Sure Fire Secrets To A Mind Blowing Climax! Make Her Ejaculate Ultra Fast! A Must Read For A Man!

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If you want to be seen as a sex God in your woman's eyes, you must start giving her a mind blowing climax.
The truth is: Almost 90% of men don't know how to satisfy their women.
They tend to pass out too soon.
So women are generally dissatisfied with their sexual life.
Your woman could be dissatisfied too.
And this dissatisfaction leads many women to cheat.
The best way to keep a woman happy is by giving her a mind blowing climax.
Here are the sure fire secrets to give her a mind blowing climax and make her ejaculate...
Arousal zones - Start kissing her in her arousal zones.
Play around with her.
Resist her.
Start by kissing her on her arousal zones and then let go off her.
Tell her that you don't want to continue.
This will make her go through an emotional roller coaster and totally change her state.
She'll go wild and will try to make you arouse her.
That's when you need to get in and arouse her more.
Again let go.
Keep doing it and you'll have her ready for the perfect climax.
Some of her arousal zones are her navel, neck, breasts, etc.
Your talk - Words act like a drug.
They can influence the mind and the body.
When you're doing it, start commanding her with your words.
Think of yourself as the master who's ordering his slave.
Talk dirty to her.
Tell her to do things.
Tell her to orgasm quickly.
Spank her ass.
Dirty talking will make her aroused to the highest level.
Most women like to be dominated while having sex.
So dominate her.
That's what she truly wants.
Spank her ass - Spanking her ass is one of the surest ways to make her orgasm and ejaculate fast.
Begin to spank her ass once you have her naked.
Make her turn around in a bowing position and spank her ass like crazy.
Make her ass turn red from your spanking.
That's how you stimulate her like crazy and get her ready for the most mind blowing orgasm ever.
Hit her ass hard with your hands.
Use your fingers - After a few minutes of spanking her ass, insert your finger into her vagina and move it in a circular motion.
Keep moving.
You will notice a change in her breathing.
She'll breathe harder and start gasping.
If that happens, it means she's ready for an orgasm.
Put your penis in now.
Don't forget to change sexual positions often.
That's how you make her feel irresistible.
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