How to Achieve Orgasms for Women

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Orgasms, especially for women, can be quite difficult to achieve.
In fact there is a significant proportion of women who never achieve an orgasm through sex.
Surveys have revealed that as many as 15% of women have never had an orgasm at all.
All of this is rather sad, as every woman should be able to experience what is after all unrivalled for pleasure in the human body.
These 5 tips are proven ways that can assist you to achieve a satisfying orgasm.
  1. Relax.
    Many of the problems with achieving an orgasm are psychological.
    If a woman has been unable to achieve an orgasm in the past, or only with difficulty, she may already be anxious about it before the lovemaking begins.
    Take some deep breaths, close your eyes and become very aware of your body - are there any points of tension anywhere? Focus on releasing those.
    You could even try meditating beforehand (there are a number of websites that will give you some simple steps to meditating effectively)
  2. Clear your mind.
    Focusing on your body will also help you to clear your mind o any distracting thoughts.
    Keep your mind on the present moment and be aware of any distracting thought as they arise.
  3. Start slow.
    Don't go straight for the clitoris! Explore all parts of the woman's body, being aware of any particularly sensitive spots.
    This will also make the woman more relaxed, while at the same time giving a slower yet stronger buildup.
  4. Don't make achieving an orgasm the goal.
    Making it the 'target' of your lovemaking only serves to create more pressure on the woman.
    Have fun exploring each other.
    You will know when the time is right to really focus on the orgasm, but it may take longer to get there than you both expect.
    You want to enjoy the journey too! This is often against the natural instincts of a man, for whom an orgasm is much more a goal in sex.
  5. Apply direct clitoral pressure only when the time is right.
    Again, go slow! When you think the woman is ready for direct clitoral stimulation - wait! It will adds enormously to her sexual pleasure the more slowly the man stimulates her.
For a woman to achieve orgasms is usually a different process than for a man.
It is much more psychological than physical.
If men understand this - and are prepared to go slow - they can help a woman achieve orgasms often and with wonderful intensity.
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