Cheats for the Delicious 2 Game

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    • When you download the game to your PC, a folder will be created wherever you save the game. Open that folder and find the games that end with .xml. One of these data files contains a detailed list of the perfect combinations of tasks you need to do to get more tips. Another one of these files includes the game settings for the amount of money, happiness and patience you start with. You can change the amounts in the .xml file to make the game easier or harder.


    • When working in the park, get the Popcorn Stall, Grass Lawn, Counter and Ice Cream Van to improve your score and get more tips. Don't waste your money on any other upgrades.

      To earn more money and get to Expert mode easier, buy all of the available decorations for every level. If you can't afford to buy all of the decorations, start with the most expensive. While buying any decorations will increase your points, there are four items for each store area that will cause you to earn tip bonuses; these items will be indicated by a star next to the items once you buy them. These items are the grass lawn, popcorn stall, counter and ice cream van on the park level; the lights, aquarium, rugs and kitchen in the bistro; the kitchen, fireplace, paintings and plants in the Italian restaurant; plants, a jukebox, floor lighting and the Cadillac table in the cafeteria; and an aquarium, paper sliding door, Koi fish and bonsai trees in the sushi bar.


    • Above all, you want to make sure that you keep your customers happy, that you are providing impeccable service and that your stores are in good condition. Make sure you earn more money then you spend, or you will lose your store.

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